Project Toolkit

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Integrated Water Resources Plan (IWRP) Flowchart Tool. The IWRP Flowchart Tool originally developed by York County, Pennsylvania, attempts to tie everything related to water resources together in an understandable manner, while eliminating the repetition of plans, processes, studies, reports, regulations and policies which already exist. Our team has adapted the IWRP Flowchart Tool to Erie County, Pennsylvania! The goal of the flowchart is to pull together what already exists, make stakeholders aware of what exists, explain enough about what exists to allow the user to determine if it is pertinent to a particular project, and provide contact information should more detailed information be desired. An inherent value of the flowchart is that it is applicable to all municipalities in Erie County and could easily be adapted for use by other counties in Pennsylvania. The IWRP Flowchart Tool was designed with the assumption that public land use decision makers will be the primary users. During the development of the flowchart, however, it became apparent that the Tool could be useful for all County stakeholders, including corporate planners and project site assessors, utility planners, private project evaluators, educators, and state/regional/national regulators. The flowchart itself is the instrument by which the user will be led through a logical process of questions and suggestions, which will ensure the user considers not only what is related to water resource management in Erie County, but also how the user’s project(s) and/or actions will affect these resources. In essence, the flowchart ties everything related to water resources together in a process that will hopefully be beneficial for Erie County stakeholders, as well as for Erie County's water resources.